Lets talk about Marketing

Lets talk about marketing

We didn’t get where we are by doing free advertising. That being said you’d be surprised how little good advertising can cost.

Stop trying to be the best!

behind the camera

Stop trying to be the best! Work on being different & creating your distint style.
I believe in an aboundent universe. There is more than enough money and work to go around.
We are NOT one another’s competition we are one another’s support team and fellow comrades. We can do this together!

~Love, Scarlett

“There are no secrets to sucess. it is the result if preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” -Colin Powel

Finding inspiration in the small stuff..

I am wracking my brain trying to think of topics for upcoming BPU blog posts. Maybe that’s a good beginning to a post?? Finding inspiration! You know, the little tidbits of inspiration that turns into a new shoot pose, layout or concept. Finding inspiration in the small stuff… People think the real work is the … Continue reading

Raw Vs. Jpeg?

Raw VS. Jpeg? There is an ongoing debate with armature and even a few pro photographers over the raw vs. jpegs question. Let me put the record straight here and now. Raw is BY FAR hands down the better option. Some will say “yes but… what if you don’t need so much image data”? Or … Continue reading

Pro Tip

Building a solid business foundation is a major secret to success. With a solid business foundation your business will serve you instead of you serving your business. Question: How can you improve your business plan? First Contact: Here is a quick list of things your clients see first. Studio sign or studios main entrance Business cards Phone greeting … Continue reading

Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming do you have your trees all in a row? Since 1st Christmas Sunday we have played Christmas music here in the studio. The phone has rung off the hook non-stop with last-minute bookings. We even extended the studio hours to accommodate an extra 12 shoot a week. Now that the rush and … Continue reading

Boudoir Book’s

Boudoir Photographers Resources! I am recommending 3 books today: First is: Boudoir Photography: The Complete Guide to Shooting Intimate Portraits by Critsey Rowe: http://www.coutureboudoir.com $29.99 Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Boudoir-Photography-Complete-Shooting-Portraits/dp/0817400117 Second is:  Boudoir Photography: A guide to Excellence by Tammy Smith Warnock $15,99  Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Boudoir-Photography-Excellence-Invest-Knowledge/dp/0956546323 Third is: Exposed Redefining Boudoir by Christa Meola $235.00 … Continue reading

Tips: Where to Order Product in Europe & the USA

Are you looking for a new print lab?  Heres what I’ve found for you. If you have any suggestion please make a comment below and let us know about it. ~Scarlett Pinewood Studios: http://www.pinewoodgroup/photographic AroAlbum UK: http://www.proalbum.com RGB Labs: http://www.rgb-labs.co.uk Booked Images: http://www.bookedimages.com Oxford Giclee & Photographic Center: http://www.oxfordgiclee.co.uk Genesis Imaging: http://www.genesis-digital.net PDP Phototech: http://www.pdpphototech.com … Continue reading

A few Boudoir Photography Do’s and Don’ts when shooting

Make the shoot work for you. Stay in control. This is key! When a client brings lots (tones) of accessories and props to her shoot and wants to use everything this tells us she is supper excited about her shoot but has NO idea what she wants.  In moments like this it is very important … Continue reading

Shoot Process: How We Do It

How many days or weeks is it okay to let your client wait until they get to see their pictures after the shoot? How much time you schedule between your shoot and following viewing is up to you. For example: Today one of our clients is from southern German. She arrived in the studio an hour ago. So … Continue reading

Amazing photography workshops: when it’s live it’s free

CreativeLive.com what are you waiting for??? Ok for all of you who haven’t checked out creative live yet I have to tell you it is SO motivating. For the last 3 days it’s been all about creating word press websites for photographers with Justin Seeley. Tomorrow it’s Photography and social media. A few weeks back … Continue reading

Boudoir in its essence is not something that will disappear without a fight!

Boudoir in its essence is not something that will disappear without a fight! In one form or other nudes, artistic nudes, semi nudes and implied nudes have been common for hundreds of years.  We find it in the earliest photographs, paintings, sketches and even sculptures.  The art of boudoir photography although not called boudoir is found … Continue reading

Spice up your boudoir shoots and stock up on studio lingerie

Looking to add some lingerie to your boudoir studio Adding studio supplied lingerie to your shoots can boost sales and relax your clients. Client: “Do I have to bring anything with me to the shoot?” You: ” Nope, We have everything to make our shoot perfect” Check out these sites: http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/ http://www.secretsinlace.com/ http://www.agentprovocateur.com/ http://www.victoriassecret.com/ http://www.spoylt.com/ http://www.playfulpromises.com/ … Continue reading

Q&A: Building your Smashing Boudoir Portfolio

Q: How important is a portfolio anyway?   A: Your boudoir portfolio is very important! Q: Why? A: How else will your potential clients know they want to book with you? Q: I am a new to boudoir and have nothing to show… now what? A: This is the chicken and the egg question… What … Continue reading

15 Boudoir Business Moments to Cherish and Remember

15 Boudoir Business Moments to Cherish and Remember   by Scarlett V. Damen originally posted on Boudoir Photographers Unite on Friday, 22 April 2011 Your first paid boudoir shoot. The first major advertising mistake you make, and what you learned from it. The date you realize your clients love your work and that your prices are … Continue reading