Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: the perfect butt shot

Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: Shooting the perfect butt shot

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Learning to shoot boudoir

Workshop / Training day: Join us as two junior photographers learn the ropes. Watch as Steffi and Ann learn how to improve their poses and fix lighting issues and  just how important body language really is. FYI: Ann works full-time as a first year paid intern while Steffi on the other hand didn’t get the job she was … Continue reading

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Do you want to learn how to shoot boudoir Photography? Do you want to improve your boudoir photography business and boost you sales? Do you want to watch boudoir tutorials from seasoned international boudoir pros? Do you want to shoot boudoir European style? Then you’re in the right place!!! This awesome website is full of boudoir photography resources designed for … Continue reading