A few Boudoir Photography Do’s and Don’ts when shooting

Make the shoot work for you. Stay in control. This is key!

When a client brings lots (tones) of accessories and props to her shoot and wants to use everything this tells us she is supper excited about her shoot but has NO idea what she wants.  In moments like this it is very important that you are in control of the shoots direction.

You are the artist.

You are the creator.

Make the shoot work for you and your clients will be happy.

This is why she booked YOU!

For a newbie it’s easy to get carried away by the client’s requests and extra wishes. Be careful that you don’t lose control over the shoot.

DO Talk to your client before the shoot and give her an idea of where the shoot is going so she can keep up. Go over the outfits and make your choices before the shoot starts. Make a written or mental note to keep you on track and make sure you don’t forget anything.  Keep track of time and remember that although that pose is amazing you have more to do and never enough time.

DON’T allow your client to dictate your creative actions.

“The light is great here let’s shoot it from here”…

“Only shoot me from my good side”…

“Can I have just one more in this outfit” …

“Oh we forgot to use … “

“What we’re done?”

“Just one more pose.”

Give into any of the above request and you run the risk of losing control, shooting to long and too much and devaluing your work.

Speaking of work when scheduling your clients viewing be sure to consider the amount of processing and editing time each shoot needs and give yourself plenty of time to get the job done right.

I must clarify this post isn’t about fun, creative, energetic clients it’s about staying in control when your clients are over aggressive, pushy and without limits. Clients that know what they want, can pose… and know their limits (ie. will ask to take a break if there feeling a little woozy or tired) are great.  More often than not these shoots will go off without a hitch. A recipe for creative disaster is a client who is directing your creativity, wont take instruction, wont hold a pose and doesn’t seam to trust your leadership and talent.   If you’re a newbie to boudoir this could be a nightmare. Even as a pro this is extremely draining. It’s indeed lovely when a client brings a suitcase full of cute outfits and extras but when you have time for 3 or 4 complete outfit changes and she demands she wants to shoot with 10 outfits… again Not good.

One Response to “A few Boudoir Photography Do’s and Don’ts when shooting”
  1. Great article Scarlett.

    It can be hard to educate client’s especially when you’re starting out and lack confidence. But it comes easier over time.

    I can resonate with your Don’ts. My experience has been that clients who try and dictate what you do results in images of a lower standard and they’re not delighted with images because they don’t know better than their photographer.

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