Lets talk about Marketing

Lets talk about marketing

We didn’t get where we are by doing free advertising. That being said you’d be surprised how little good advertising can cost.

Finding inspiration in the small stuff..

I am wracking my brain trying to think of topics for upcoming BPU blog posts. Maybe that’s a good beginning to a post?? Finding inspiration! You know, the little tidbits of inspiration that turns into a new shoot pose, layout or concept. Finding inspiration in the small stuff… People think the real work is the … Continue reading

Networking with Small Boutiques: Live Video Discussion with Boudoir specialist Bo and Scarlett

    Lets talk about boudoir photographers networking with small boutiques! Note: We are working to improve the sound quality of future video. If you’re looking for the short version please check out the written post called: Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships  Live Chat (rerun): Part 1  Live Chat (rerun): Part 2  … Continue reading

Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships

The art of networking is just that an art and I am going to tell you exactly how we get a shop to say yes. First off work one partnership at a time and be consistent. When Bo and I want to work with a new boutique or spa we start by visiting the shop and … Continue reading

Advertising Your Boudoir Photography Business on a Zero Dollar Budget

 Ok, Advertising on a 0$ budget. Here are a few ideas… 1.Befriended everyone especial local business owners, join community clubs and business clubs. People always say “it’s who you know that counts” I say “then go out and meet them”! 2.Get to know other Boudoir Photographers ask marketing question and give you ideas. Since few of us … Continue reading

Boudoir Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing by Scarlett V. Damen originally posted on Boudoir Photographers Unite on Monday, 04 April 2011 How much should I plan to spend on advertising? If you know $6.93 stands between you and your start-up dream boudoir photo studio, what would you do to find that $6.93? Cancel the gym membership and workout at … Continue reading