Ballerina Elegant and Nude

Ballerina Elegant and Nude (Top image: F/4.8 ,  1/250 Sec.   ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 55mm Lens) F/4 at 1/350th of a second and ISO-350. WB 2750K. F/4.8  at 1/160th of a second and ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 35mm Lens F/5.6  at 1/250 Sec. ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 35mm Lens F/4.8  at 1/205 Sec. ISO-350. … Continue reading

Networking with Small Boutiques: Live Video Discussion with Boudoir specialist Bo and Scarlett

    Lets talk about boudoir photographers networking with small boutiques! Note: We are working to improve the sound quality of future video. If you’re looking for the short version please check out the written post called: Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships  Live Chat (rerun): Part 1  Live Chat (rerun): Part 2  … Continue reading

Advertising Your Boudoir Photography Business on a Zero Dollar Budget

 Ok, Advertising on a 0$ budget. Here are a few ideas… 1.Befriended everyone especial local business owners, join community clubs and business clubs. People always say “it’s who you know that counts” I say “then go out and meet them”! 2.Get to know other Boudoir Photographers ask marketing question and give you ideas. Since few of us … Continue reading

Shoot Process: How We Do It

How many days or weeks is it okay to let your client wait until they get to see their pictures after the shoot? How much time you schedule between your shoot and following viewing is up to you. For example: Today one of our clients is from southern German. She arrived in the studio an hour ago. So … Continue reading

Amazing photography workshops: when it’s live it’s free what are you waiting for??? Ok for all of you who haven’t checked out creative live yet I have to tell you it is SO motivating. For the last 3 days it’s been all about creating word press websites for photographers with Justin Seeley. Tomorrow it’s Photography and social media. A few weeks back … Continue reading

Boudoir Photographers Unite!

Boudoir Photographers Unite!