15 Boudoir Business Moments to Cherish and Remember

15 Boudoir Business Moments to Cherish and Remember


by Scarlett V. Damen originally posted on Boudoir Photographers Unite on Friday, 22 April 2011
  1. Your first paid boudoir shoot.
  2. The first major advertising mistake you make, and what you learned from it.
  3. The date you realize your clients love your work and that your prices are too low.
  4. Your first sales call that ends in a booked (billed shoot) that found your studio through your advertising. (Not from you directly or from a referral)
  5. The moment when you have a workable bookkeeping system.
  6. The moment you have a workable pre and post production system
  7. The moment you have a workable viewing and product delivery system
  8. The first time you look at your work and realize “WOW! I’ve really got something here”
  9. The date you realize that your business is going to make it!
  10. Your first interview for a new employee. (you’re becoming a boss)
  11. The day you hire your first secretary, assistant and studio manager.
  12. The day you pay your employee for the first time and relies it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.
  13. The day you write yourself your first “OMG, is this for real” paycheck.
  14. The day you realize your bustling boudoir business has a life of its own.
  15. Day you start missing the good old days when you were needed to run every area of your company and you look back nostalgically… “oh, the good old days”

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