Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?

(I am not saying don’t Photoshop. Lightroom and Photoshop are both god sent programs that I love too.) With the above image I am talking to the very small amount of photographers that go crazy. – You know who you are. If your clients are happy with your work your on the right track. If not try the following suggestions.

Making of: Nude Beauty in the kitchen


Nude Beauty in the Guestroom

        F/5,6 1/15 Sec. ISO 640    (Sun light)       F/4 1/125 Sec. ISO 1000   (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)   F/5,6 1/20 Sec. ISO 640 (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)     F/4,5  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)          F/4  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/25 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/15 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)  

Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: the perfect butt shot

Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: Shooting the perfect butt shot

Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming do you have your trees all in a row? Since 1st Christmas Sunday we have played Christmas music here in the studio. The phone has rung off the hook non-stop with last-minute bookings. We even extended the studio hours to accommodate an extra 12 shoot a week. Now that the rush and … Continue reading

Three rules when posing your subject

Tips for Getting Started in Boudoir Photography Three rules when posing your subject This boudoir image is a good example of how to use the three rules when posing your subject: Incase anyones not sure here they are: The shoulders should never create a straight horizontal line The spine should never create a straight vertical … Continue reading

Boudoir Video Tutorials: The Art of Posing Plus Size Women

The Art of Posing Plus Size Women

8 Veriations of the Same Poses, Ideas for Posing Boudoir ‘Real Women’

Ideas for Posing Boudoir ‘Real Women’ Although Melanie isn’t a plus size woman we have shot her as if she is. All of these images except #8 are good for plus size women because the tummy is in the shadows or hidden by the legs such as in images #10, 11 & 12 Today’s TFP … Continue reading

Avoid Problem Areas

12 Boudoir Poses

Starting with the basic pin pose in images 3, 4, & 8 (See post: ‘the basic pin pose’) In images #5 & 6 we asked our client to turn to the right and bringing both legs up and cross the right leg over the left this brings her into the ‘knot’ pose. In contrast in images 10, 11 & … Continue reading

The Basic ‘Pin Pose’

The basic sitting-pose we call the ‘Pin-Pose’ Here we start with the client sitting strait to the camera knees and feet together. We have the client point her feet ‘turtle’ her neck (that means to bring it forward like a turtle leaving its shell) and arch her back you now have the start of our … Continue reading

Posing Feet

  Feet: More often that not this area of the body is over looked! Feet should always reflect the look you’re going for. If it’s a sexy, seductive or romantic pose remember to keep those feet pointed. It does wonders for the calf changes the angel of the leg and always improved a shot. ~Scarlett