Finding inspiration in the small stuff..

I am wracking my brain trying to think of topics for upcoming BPU blog posts.

Maybe that’s a good beginning to a post?? Finding inspiration!

You know, the little tidbits of inspiration that turns into a new shoot pose, layout or concept. Finding inspiration in the small stuff… People think the real work is the nuts and bolts of following through and making it happen. I believe the truth is once that tinny spark of inspiration hits you the rest just falls into place. Yes of course it’s a lot of work to put an idea into action but finding the ideas… or getting over a dry spell is really challenging.

So let me tell you about my day. For the last few weeks now Bo and I have worked on all the ins and outs of our upcoming workshops. We’ve been interviewing models to make sure they can move for the trainees and pose for optimal portfolio building images with as little work or skill as possible. We’ve been scouting shoot locations and checking out  hotel accommodations, catering and entertainment ideas. You know all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into creating a kick-ass workshop. (Not easy I might add.)

In about 30 min I am leaving the calm comforts of my white home and driving to our studio 12 min away to meet with today’s model, pack some lights a few high heels and bunch of scarf wraps into the car and then we, the model and I will hope into my car and drive back here where we are going to do a full shoot in the house. Since we intend on using our home for at least one of the 4 workshop days we first have to shoot in every possible corner. Next week we have 6 more models all coming to ‘audition’ for the chance to model at one of the upcoming workshops. I was planning on shooting outside today and doing a ‘nude walk in the country’ themed shoot. However it rained all day and although that would make some really great shots Bo pulled his back during the last shoot yesterday and wants to stay as warm as possible. He did muster up enough will-power to drive to a neighboring historical town 20 min away and drop off our May-June newspaper flyer inserts at the newspaper’s packing house. Since their scheduled to go out to all and rich areas along the Baltic sea this weekend he didn’t have much of a choice.

And you… How are you doing today? Any inspiration coming your way?



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