How much touch-up and editing do you think is ok?

Please note: These images were made for this post (not a client) The rawness of the image is intentional in order to show the age, size and sun damage of the skin and to hopefully start a constructive discussion about post editing.

Stop trying to be the best!

behind the camera

Stop trying to be the best! Work on being different & creating your distint style.
I believe in an aboundent universe. There is more than enough money and work to go around.
We are NOT one another’s competition we are one another’s support team and fellow comrades. We can do this together!

~Love, Scarlett

“There are no secrets to sucess. it is the result if preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” -Colin Powel

Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?

(I am not saying don’t Photoshop. Lightroom and Photoshop are both god sent programs that I love too.) With the above image I am talking to the very small amount of photographers that go crazy. – You know who you are. If your clients are happy with your work your on the right track. If not try the following suggestions.

Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: the perfect butt shot

Lighting and Posing Video Tutorial: Shooting the perfect butt shot

Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships

The art of networking is just that an art and I am going to tell you exactly how we get a shop to say yes. First off work one partnership at a time and be consistent. When Bo and I want to work with a new boutique or spa we start by visiting the shop and … Continue reading

Advertising Your Boudoir Photography Business on a Zero Dollar Budget

 Ok, Advertising on a 0$ budget. Here are a few ideas… 1.Befriended everyone especial local business owners, join community clubs and business clubs. People always say “it’s who you know that counts” I say “then go out and meet them”! 2.Get to know other Boudoir Photographers ask marketing question and give you ideas. Since few of us … Continue reading

Loving Your Boudoir Business

Behind every great photo is a boudoir business. Big or small it’s there and it’s yours! Maybe it’s a room in your home, maybe it’s a converted industrial warehouse or a commercial property like the Boudoir Divas. ( Perhaps its a historical mill like Miss Boudoir ( or a converted church like FYEO Portraits. ( Or maybe like … Continue reading

Welcome to Your Free Online Boudoir Photography Workshop: Classes Start Now!

Do you want to learn how to shoot boudoir Photography? Do you want to improve your boudoir photography business and boost you sales? Do you want to watch boudoir tutorials from seasoned international boudoir pros? Do you want to shoot boudoir European style? Then you’re in the right place!!! This awesome website is full of boudoir photography resources designed for … Continue reading