Loving Your Boudoir Business

Behind every great photo is a boudoir business. Big or small it’s there and it’s yours!

Maybe it’s a room in your home, maybe it’s a converted industrial warehouse or a commercial property like the Boudoir Divas. (www.theboudoirdivas.com) Perhaps its a historical mill like Miss Boudoir (www.missboudoir.com) or a converted church like FYEO Portraits. (www.fyeoportraits.com) Or maybe like us your studio is in a 110 year old European Villa. (www.damenfotografie.de) No matter the size or the place every boudoir studio has a story.

This post isn’t about the history of the building it’s self, but rather the daily ins and outs of running a boudoir studio.

Every studio has some-kind-of office, maybe it’s virtual and consists of only a phone a laptop and your favorite armchair. Others like mine are bursting at the seams. If only we could add an extra week to every month just for office work. This is the every day story behind the camera. The simple things like organizing employees schedules, delegation projects, attending team meetings and doing ‘just for fun’ model shoots now and then. Of course there are also the more complicated things like finding the next marketing campaign, doing taxes, writing and following up with reminder bills, hiring staff and looking for the next great idea.

When I tell people I am a co-owner of a successful boudoir studio the reaction is always the same. “Cool! So you never work and have lots of money”. The fact is there’s ALWAYS work to do and although the moneys great every penny I don’t absolutely need goes right back into the business. “Why?” You ask. Because

I’m addicted to my studio!How to run a sucessful boudoir studio

I love to collect European prop, have a huge assortment of silk and lace cloths, loads of corsets and high heals in all colors and sizes… I also collect every boudoir and business book I can find. But this post isn’t really about that either.

This post is about the continues hard work that goes into running a boudoir studio regardless of it age, its location or its level of current success! The facts are if you want to make it and mean REALLY make it. You must give your business everything and in return it will fulfill you in ways you can’t yet imagine.

The REAL secret to success is to love your job and I mean really love every part of it… EVEN the laundry!


  • Please tell us the story of your boudoir studio?
  • What do you love most? What is your favorite part and why?
  • What would you like to change of improve about your studio?

(Don’t forget to add your web and blog address in your comments)

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