Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships

The art of networking is just that an art and I am going to tell you exactly how we get a shop to say yes.

First off work one partnership at a time and be consistent.

When Bo and I want to work with a new boutique or spa we start by visiting the shop and experiencing it for ourselves. This is really important:  Buy something! when you are a customer you get the real service treatment this could mean the different between a yes or no. 

Let me explain: Say we want to work with a new lingerie shop.

Please note: As the saying goes ‘it’s all about who you know’ getting in is always easer when you know someone! So go out and get to know them!  You could call and be very upfront about what you want – this is called a cold call. If you can make a warm call on the other hand you’ve won half the battle.

First we visit the shop. (We would probably go together.) Once you’re in the shop it won’t take long before someone approaches you and asks if you need help.  (If it’s a small boutique it’s probably the manager or owner who is working the shop) This is your first opportunity to make contact. Remember you want to smile and preferable even laugh together a bit. Treat her with the same friendly service you would a client. This is key become friends! It doesn’t matter if she is the owner (although that’s better) or the part-time sales rep you’re talking to coz everything gets back to the boss!

When she asks if she can help I would say “Yes I am looking for a few outfits”…. when she asks “what is your size” …. This is my opportunity to say there for my studio…

Get them curious… “Oh, what do you shoot”?  NOW you’re in the right place. Start talking girl!!!

“I help women see how beautiful they are! I am a boudoir photographers and I am always looking for new outfits and ideas. What do you think? Whats your favorite outfit”? (Don’t oversell – your still buying) spend a good half hour + in the store if you can get more than one sales rep into the conversation even better. Explain that your clients are 30+ with kids and over worked… Get them excited about this amazing thing you do!

If you’re played your cards right by the end they will want to book a shoot.  ( if so book the shoot by the end of it they’ll ask you to work together)  If they don’t ask for a shoot: keep talking and buy at least one outfit.  AFTER you pay say something complimentary like “I just love your shop I could spend hours in here” then as though you JUST thought it up say “Hey I sometimes team up with salons and such and we have a shoot give-away or a buy more than X and get a gift certificate for a boudoir shoot… We should totally do one together! They’re really easy, everyone wins and the clients love it…!

Yes it really is that simple! How to network video is coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas,

Love Scarlett

Ps. Below is the how-to mini studio set-up for the above b&w shot:

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  1. Their is some really great information here, and we have been thinking about doing this for a bit and strategizing exactly which establishment we should approach. When we do we will definitely link back to this entry so others can read it!

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