Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?

Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?

We can all see that ‘that’ pose will need a lot of retouching and with or without Photoshop she is unlikely to buy it… So why shoot it?

(I am not saying don’t Photoshop. Lightroom and Photoshop are both god sent programs that I love too.) With the above image I am talking to the very small amount of photographers that go crazy. – You know who you are.  If your clients are happy with your work your on the right track. If not try the following suggestions.

1st.Use a prop such as a scarf or sheet, a shadow or a beam of light anything is better than saying “Don’t you look lovely now that I removed all your fat?”

2nd. move on and shoot from a different angle.    (below is an example of this)

When posing clients of all sizes a few of my top tips include:

– Shoot closer,

– Eliminate as much clutter as possible in the background and in the color scheme

– Keep the overall image tight.

– Don’t forget to work with your client from all sides.

– Be sure to move around and find the most flattering angels.

– Get on a stool and shoot from above to slender and from below to accentuate the length of her legs.

– Have a fan and use it.

– Have your client move slowly I like to say sway with your hips in the wind like a huge church bell. “ding, dong, ding…” it looks amazing and you’ll get some great laughter shots too.

– Also have your client play with her hair and snuggle with her shoulder face down eyes up. (This is a classic puppy face)

– Always have your client drop her shoulders and arch. I can hear Bo in the background now… “Tell them they need to tell their clients to arch and when they can’t arch any more have them arch even harder’.

– Change it up and have your client make eye contact with the camera (not you) then have her look down her body and up to the lights this will completely change the power and feeling of the final images.

– A tip that’s so often overlooked is – Every image has a story… if something in your image isn’t related to the story get it out of the frame.


Side Note:

This post is really tips on posing. I added the image to make a point about over editing. I am not saying the above is or isn’t beautiful I am saying don’t over edit.  As Boudoir photographers it’s easy to forget that not everyone wants to be reminded of there ‘flaws’ or artificially thinned.  My goal with BPU is to help others create successful boudoir business and have happy repeat clients.

Please let me know what your opinion is below. Be sure to add your website.


3 Responses to “Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?”
  1. Please note: The above post and photo is not meant to hurt or offend anyone.
    Just my humble opinion.


    • Angel B says:

      Not offended here…pretty empowered actually! My mom is a bigger gal and always taught me..Weight is just a number..everyone is beautiful…Some people it is only skin deep! ❤ this quote!

      • Thank you for the comment Angel B!

        Whenever I post anything opinionated I always get a lot of slack. So far I’ve been told that this post is unrelated and not useful. That it’s nothing more than a personal rant… lol If that’s not the definition of a blog I don’t know what is.


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