Lets talk about Marketing

Lets talk about marketing

Lets talk about Marketing

I have written a few posts in the past on marketing.

Normally people want to know who to do this for as little as possible.

There are a few things that I believe are absolutely true and one of them is this – you won’t get something for nothing!

It’s really that simple. So as far as free advertising yes you can do as I have outlined in past post and talk to other businesses do a small local expo or two and give out gift certificates at salons.

However in the end the results will be as valuable and as satisfying as the investment.

We didn’t get where we are by doing free advertising. That being said you’d be surprised how little good advertising can cost.

For example in the above image I am designing our spring flyers that were recently delivered with the newspapers to high income homes all over Northern Germany. This is costing us about 100€ for 100 homes with a minimum order of 5000 homes.

I know you’re thinking that’s a lot… and yes it is but the return on that will my many times the investment. Sometimes you have to jump over that shadow and just do it.

Let me back up a bit here and clarify –

As you may know if you regularly read our blog our studio is a deluxe high-volume studio. In fact we are the only studio that is 100% specialized in Nudes and Boudoir for the public in all of Germany (and Yes, it’s nice to have a monopoly over the market) that’s not to say there aren’t other general portrait studios the ones that shoot family, pets and nudes indeed there are many of them.

Since we are a high volume studio fully set up to take on over 1300 clients a year – and our employees jobs depends on it. When we do a mail-out, an expo or an online campaign we go very big.If on the other hand you’re a one or two person show this mass marketing concept will look very different and cost way less.

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