Do you think we don’t know when you Photoshop all our fat away?

(I am not saying don’t Photoshop. Lightroom and Photoshop are both god sent programs that I love too.) With the above image I am talking to the very small amount of photographers that go crazy. – You know who you are. If your clients are happy with your work your on the right track. If not try the following suggestions.

Making of: Nude Beauty in the kitchen


Nude Beauty in the Guestroom

        F/5,6 1/15 Sec. ISO 640    (Sun light)       F/4 1/125 Sec. ISO 1000   (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)   F/5,6 1/20 Sec. ISO 640 (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)     F/4,5  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)          F/4  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/25 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/15 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)  

Want an annual turnover of half a million euros?

Bo and Scarlett are the directors, creators and co-owners of Damen Photography a Europe based studio that shoots over 1,300 nude and semi-nude women a year and has an annual turnover of approximately half a million. Want to learn how? Come join us in Europe at our next Boudoir Workshop -Scarlett

Networking with Small Boutiques: Live Video Discussion with Boudoir specialist Bo and Scarlett

    Lets talk about boudoir photographers networking with small boutiques! Note: We are working to improve the sound quality of future video. If you’re looking for the short version please check out the written post called: Step by step secrets to successful networking and hand in hand co-op partnerships  Live Chat (rerun): Part 1  Live Chat (rerun): Part 2  … Continue reading

Want to learn Boudour Photography?

Follow along as we post how to blogs, free video tutorials full of tips and trick, how to for all of your boudoir business including posing and so much more! Don’t miss out.  Sign up and follow us today! Bo and Scarlett at work  

Boudoir Video Tutorials: The Art of Posing Plus Size Women

The Art of Posing Plus Size Women

Be a fly on the wall.

Learning to shoot boudoir

Workshop / Training day: Join us as two junior photographers learn the ropes. Watch as Steffi and Ann learn how to improve their poses and fix lighting issues and  just how important body language really is. FYI: Ann works full-time as a first year paid intern while Steffi on the other hand didn’t get the job she was … Continue reading

Boudoir Photography is about empowering women!

“We believe all women are beautiful on the outside and through your eyes you can show your clients just how beautiful they are.” ~Bo “Boudoir Photography is about empowering women! We want all boudoir photographers to be able to do just that, Empower Women! This is why we so freely share our time-tested secrets with boudoir … Continue reading

Boudoir Video Tutorials

Boudoir Tutorials 5, 6, 7, Boudoir Tutorials 5, Boudoir Tutorials 6, Boudoir Tutorials 7,

Boudoir Video Tutorials

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