Boudoir in the city


Naked in A Canola Field


Ballerina Elegant and Nude

Ballerina Elegant and Nude (Top image: F/4.8 ,  1/250 Sec.   ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 55mm Lens) F/4 at 1/350th of a second and ISO-350. WB 2750K. F/4.8  at 1/160th of a second and ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 35mm Lens F/5.6  at 1/250 Sec. ISO-350. WB 2750K. With a 35mm Lens F/4.8  at 1/205 Sec. ISO-350. … Continue reading

Making of: Nude Beauty in the kitchen


Nude Beauty in the Guestroom

        F/5,6 1/15 Sec. ISO 640    (Sun light)       F/4 1/125 Sec. ISO 1000   (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)   F/5,6 1/20 Sec. ISO 640 (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)     F/4,5  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)          F/4  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/25 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K) F/5,6  1/15 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)  

Be Inspired! Nude / Boudoir Gallery

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Boudoir with Wings

Boudoir is Magical!