Shoot Process: How We Do It

How many days or weeks is it okay to let your client wait until they get to see their pictures after the shoot?

How much time you schedule between your shoot and following viewing is up to you.

For example:

Today one of our clients is from southern German. She arrived in the studio an hour ago. So far she has filled out the paperwork, changed into her studio provided robe and Olivia one of our makeup artist did her hair and makeup. At the moment Bo is going over her wished and concerns and in 10 min or so Bo and I will start the shoot. Since this client traveled over 9 hours by train to get here instead of schedule her viewing for a different day she will view her images hopefully about an hour after her shoot. This is not the norm.

In order for this to happen today as soon as Bo and I are finished shooting I will bring the CS cards up to the office where they are downloaded, rotated, then processed and brought down to about 100 images. These images will go through Lightroom to remove noise and then if needed some will get light Photoshop touch-up. Normally we remove the rings or bags from under the eyes and lessen the crow’s feet just a bit. The images are renamed and then travel back downstairs to the lounge where the client will see them on what we call the viewing unit.

We find on average clients normally take about 2 hours to view their images. After the shoot the product sent my ftp to the lab and then mailed out a minimum of 3 weeks later.

Normally we schedule all of our viewing for the Sunday of the following week because on average we have 25+ clients on any given Sunday. This way we have all week to do the above and aren’t pressed for time. Unless a client is going out-of-town or simply has no available time in the near future we always try to schedule the viewings within 2 weeks of the shoot.

If we feel that our client will be happier if her viewing is closer to pay-day we will take that into consideration.

How does you process look?


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