Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming do you have your trees all in a row?

Since 1st Christmas Sunday we have played Christmas music here in the studio. The phone has rung off the hook non-stop with last-minute bookings. We even extended the studio hours to accommodate an extra 12 shoot a week.

Now that the rush and excitement has finally come to a peak I have to take a moment to sit down breath and remember this will all be over in a week. No matter the size or capacity of your studio Christmas is almost always crazy for everyone everywhere. The good thing is almost as soon as the gifts are un-wrapped it’s time for client to think about Valentine’s Day.

For most of us the winter work that comes from these two celebrations will comfortably bring us through the chills of winter and into spring and summer where love, bikinis, lazy days at the beach and sunscreen are all in the air. Yes, summer the time of year when women want to feel even sexier than they do now.

 To everyone holding on and pushing through the Christmas rush, be it with employees or alone I have to say congratulations!

You’ve almost made it.




This is a two light setup. Both light are to the left of the camera. One in front of the subject for the face and arm and one lower down and closer to  the camera

 for her bottom.


One Response to “Are you ready for Christmas?”
  1. agreed! The christmas season is a busy and hectic time, love the money though! Love the shot you posted this entry, she has the nicest bum!!

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