Q&A: Building your Smashing Boudoir Portfolio

Q: How important is a portfolio anyway?  

A: Your boudoir portfolio is very important!

Q: Why?

A: How else will your potential clients know they want to book with you?

Q: I am a new to boudoir and have nothing to show… now what?

A: This is the chicken and the egg question… What comes first the shoot or the portfolio?

Having a portfolio is very important. In fact it could be the difference between getting the job or not. So what do you do?  There are a few options ask friends and family to model for you. If that’s not possible the best option is to attend a ‘hands on’ workshop.  Don’t worry there’s a lot to choose from and the price range can very greatly. What you want to look for is a portfolio building workshop. This means the workshop provides the models sets up the set in studio or on location and you get to take the pictures with added benefit coaching.  

Ideally a European workshop will scream “I am good at this” to your clients but an at home workshop will work too. The real trick here is to take part in as many workshops as you can afford.  Each photographer shoots a little differently than the next. By doing as many workshops you can you will expand you knowledge, tweak your talent and walk away with lots of great photos to add to your portfolio!

Q: Ok, I’ve up for as many workshops as I can afford… Now how big should my boudoir portfolio be?

A: this is a personal thing. There are no right answers when it comes to the size of your portfolio.  What you want to do is include the best of the best and as your work improves swap out the new for the old.

Q: What should I include in my portfolio?

A: Try to show variation in your posing such as
close-ups and full body shots, standing and lying down and variation in your props or location. If you can pull of a portfolio all with the same background
all the power to you. If you feel your photos need something more try changing up your background? Remember what ever you use it should not to distract from
your subject! If it’s not supporting and improving your image by helping to tell a story then get it out of the shot.

Q: How do I show my portfolio to my clients if I don’t have a studio?

A: The most effective way to show your portfolio is with a blog or website. Facebook or Blogger.com are both simple to use and free. If you have the budget for it, have a professional design your
site.  You really do get what you paid for.

Q: Will having a portfolio improve my sales???

A: YES! Without a portfolio you have no way of getting new clients. So start building today!

And don’t forget to have fun with this! Boudoir is beauty and magic all rolled into one. This is your chance to shine!  


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