Nude Beauty in the Guestroom



F/5,6 1/15 Sec. ISO 640    (Sun light)


F/4 1/125 Sec. ISO 1000   (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)


F/5,6 1/20 Sec. ISO 640 (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)


F/4,5  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)          F/4  1/125 Sec. ISO 1250  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)

F/5,6  1/25 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)

F/5,6  1/15 Sec. ISO 640  (ProXistar Softbox 5400K)


2 Responses to “Nude Beauty in the Guestroom”
  1. Lovely sensuous photographs Bo. You always amaze me with your endless array of poses 🙂

  2. Thank you Pat!

    There are few things I enjoy more than photography. I know I am the only one in these shots but that’s because Scarlett was behind her camera shooting both the model and the overall scene and is also responsible for many of the above images.

    Lovely work dear!

    Scarlett is working on putting together a more in-depth behind the scenes post for tomorrow. So you can see more of how this came together. Currently she is dealing with the everyday office emergencies at the studio and supervising the post work and image editing for tomorrows viewings.

    Thank you for the comment!! Feedback is always very much appreciated.

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