Make-up and Boudoir

Know all aspects of your business! Especially the Make-up.

There are a few simple reasons why all boudoir photographers should know how to do make-up. The one that probably comes to mind first is the cost. While it is true that having an in studio make up artist can run you a little fortune I do recommend to always have a make-up artist for every shoot.

I believe having a makup artist is a luxury that adds so much more than just make-up to the over all experience of the shoot.

Heres the potential problem: When you set up your business and shoots in such a way that you must rely on someone else you leave yourself vulnerable.  When that dreaded call comes in and you find yourself without a Make-up Artist but your client is demanding to look amazing and wont shoot without make-up. Do you return the deposit, cancel or reschedule the shoot, disappoint your client and still end up paying for your assistants time, the catering and if your shoots on-location the cost of the room too… all because your make-up artist didn’t or couldn’t show?

Or do you take a weekend course and stock up on high quality make-up for your shoots. If you know how to work the brushes, and create beauty with confidence your client will never know the difference and you’ll feel great because YOU saved the day!

Solution: Find a weekend makeup course.  one that covers day and evening make learn how to do smoky eyes, buy a how to do make-up book and ask your friends to let you practice on them. Learn how the pros do it and practice using liquid eyeliner.  You may never need to use your new skills on a client or you may want to do all the make-up for all of your personal boudoir projects.

(Good portfolio building requires personal boudoir projects but we’ll cover that in a different post)


PS. I recommend M.A.C.

What do you recommend?

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