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Advertising & Marketing

by Scarlett V. Damen originally posted on Boudoir Photographers Unite on Monday, 04 April 2011
How much should I plan to spend on advertising?

If you know $6.93 stands between you and your start-up dream boudoir photo studio, what would you do to find that $6.93? Cancel the gym membership and workout at home? Get rid of cable? $6.93 is a fast food restaurant meal or a visit to Starbucks or the gas station.

It is important to know what your budget is in real monthly dollar amounts. With this information you now know what you can and can’t afford and you can start concentrating your efforts on wisely spending each dollar!

Ok, Advertising on a 0$ budget…

Here’ a few ideas to get you started…

1. Befriended everyone especial local business owners, join community clubs and business clubs. People always say “it’s who you know that counts” I say “then go out and meet them”!

2. Get to know other Boudoir photographers ask marketing question and give you ideas. Since few of us over lap in area. There’s no reason to worry about competition. Honestly unless you go ‘huge’ and hire a bunch of photographers, no one can take on everyone. There’s plenty of work to go around and as BP becomes more popular and more widely excepted the demand will go up.

3. Find companies in you area that might like to recommend you. Hair and makeup are obvious. Think all things related to beauty R&R and pampering ones self. Sports clubs, spas, massage salon, mobile hair and makeup artists, local hotels with day spas, perfume and make up shops, fetish & sex shops, sun tanning shops, weight watchers, and day care or play date clubs, small specialty clothing shops like lingerie shops… the list is endless when you start to think about it. Once you have a list of companies in mind go out and meet them. Then you can do one of the following things.

4. First swap clients: I promote you, you promote me. Or I send my people to you ….

5. Second prepare some gift certificates for the shops to give as gifts to their customers this is a win-win situation. (Because the gifts are for the shop’s clients and from the shop as far their clients know, it makes both the shop owner and their client happy. This equals good news for you)

6. Third decorate the shops walls with a small art show featuring your studios work. Bring the stand and frames and of course business cards and set up a small show. This is best when done with the above. This is also great when done in a mall!

7. Work with malls: find the person in charge and explain your small just starting out but you have a BIG DREAM! Some times you can get the space for free or for very little. Malls like to promote local talent and customers love to see what’s new at the mall. The mall wants to fill the empty spaces with new things. Think of this as a help to your local mall.

8. Direct mailing or to keep it really cheep hand delivered advertising. Create a sales concept like Valentines Day special: ‘Give your man the gift of you’ book by (date) and get 20% off the price and a free 8×20 print. Have it printed or again to save money on printing and spend it on your own ink costs print the small flyers at home. (Remember the look and feel of the paper and print quality, this is your reputation on the line) Then go for a walk! You could put them in your neighbor’s mailboxes or go to another nice area of town and play mailman for a day. I suggest getting friends and family to help with this one (for free of course) better yet print them on your FRIENDS printer.     (Lol)

If the money is not a problem then try these…

I think of all the advertising we do wedding shows are the best.

Have your assistant represent you unless you have to its better to have someone else do the show. You should be around of course and pop by now and them to help train your assistants and guide them about how to talk to potential clients. After a few shows your just showing up to bring coffee and check on the stand. *The average wedding show will cost you between 500$ and 3000$+

Next for my studio is magazine ads.

Think BIG! More is defiantly better than less. A small ad will easily get overlooked but a large ad or spread will be hard to miss. Look for a magazine for brides that will be on the shelf for at least a month. A one day ad in a newspaper is almost always a waste of money. *Newspapers can sometimes cost almost as much as advertising in a magazine. *The average magazine ad will cost you between 2000$ and 10,000$+

We also advertise at all the English theaters and cinemas in Hamburg it’s good for branding but mostly ego building lol and its very costly. *This is in the ball park of 10,000 + and has lots of red tape.

Please add your ideas below.

Good luck

love, Scarlett & Bo

(I’ll talk about web advertising in another note)

2 Responses to “Boudoir Advertising & Marketing”
  1. Hello Scarlett!
    Thank you for the great article, I have linked this to a blog entry I am writing on marketing, my name is Victoria and I run a studio out of Whidbey Island, Washington. I have not published it yet but please be on the lookout for it within the next two weeks. It will be located around the third paragraph down and thank you again for the great tips!

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