Three rules when posing your subject

Tips for Getting Started in Boudoir Photography

Three rules when posing your subject

This boudoir image is a good example of how to use the three rules when posing your subject:

Incase anyones not sure here they are:

  1. The shoulders should never create a straight horizontal line
  2. The spine should never create a straight vertical line
  3. Never place the hips square to the camera

Strait lines that bring the viewer’s eye in one side and out the other will throw off the flow of an image. Instead try to create a continues flow within the image
by leading the viewer’s eye around the image from one part to another and finally settling on the intended target spot or main focus point of the image.

The viewer’s eyes will naturally land on the lightest parts of the image.  Advertising use this technique  to show off a product or logo.

Vertical and horizontal lines will create a rigid feel instead create diagonal lines by dropping a shoulder and bringing  a knee forward to change the angle of the hips and arch the back to create a curve in the spin.

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  1. A really really intriguing post! Ill try to track that continues here! Thank you.

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