Boudoir Photography is about empowering women!

“We believe all women are beautiful on the outside and through your eyes you can show your clients just how beautiful they are.” ~Bo

“Boudoir Photography is about empowering women! We want all boudoir photographers to be able to do just that, Empower Women! This is why
we so freely share our time-tested secrets with boudoir photographers everywhere.”  ~Scarlett

Go behind the scenes with international pro boudoir photographers Bo and Scarlett and see how they shoot boudoir in their successful high-end European boudoir studio.

  • Learn how to direct and relax your client in a way that’s both calming and clear.
  • Learn how to shoot the ‘must have best-selling’ poses.
  • Learn how to capture the best  in every women and watch as they teach you to create sensual moments, how to captures emotion, and find flattering poses for all body types.
  • Learn basic and advanced lighting set-ups, how to work with the challenge of studio lighting,
  • Learn how they style there sets, choose their props and create
    stunning images in a real European boudoir studio.

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