8 Veriations of the Same Poses, Ideas for Posing Boudoir ‘Real Women’

Ideas for Posing Boudoir ‘Real Women’

Although Melanie isn’t a plus size woman we have shot her as if she is.

All of these images except #8 are good for plus size women because the tummy is in the shadows or hidden by the legs such as in images #10, 11 & 12

Today’s TFP model Melanie is 19 years old, size 38 Europe / 8 US. Melanie came for her client shoot last week and was so much fun to work with we asked her to come back for a Boudoir teaching shoot.

Here we have 8 photos of the same pose each with a slight variation that creates a different image.

In image 1 through 4 the legs remain in the same pose.

In images 5 through 7 the legs are up off the stool and free to move.

This pose requires tummy mussels and may be hard for some clients to hold.

In image #1 the hands are on the face with elbows out.

In image #2 the right arm is stretched onto right leg with left arm falling over her head.

In image #3 we had merle bring her left elbow up creating a triangle that frames her face as she looks though it.

Image #4 is a switch of image #2 but again with the elbow up. In this image the face is free of shadows and appears more ‘open’ to the camera.

Image #8 is a close up of image #7.

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